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Hairbrushes Plum Rectangular Ventilated flex Nylon/Boar

Hairbrushes Plum Rectangular Ventilated flex Nylon/Boar

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Plum Brush is the ventilated and flexible rectangular brush from the Plum line.
The bristles are a mix of nylon and boar and are perfect for thick, normal hair.
Used on dry hair, it detangles and straightens easily, providing softness and shine. The curved, ventilated and flexible design was designed to detangle hair, adapting perfectly to the shape of the head. Increases blood flow and unclogs hair follicles, which can help promote hair growth Lightweight and with an ergonomic handle.

Technical characteristics:

Item height
24.50 cm
Item Length
Item Depth
3 cm
Bristle length
2 cm

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