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Hair Dryer AntiFRIZZ Labor Pro for Curling hair + Diffuser

Hair Dryer AntiFRIZZ Labor Pro for Curling hair + Diffuser

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Anti-Frizz is the first professional hairdryer specifically for curly or frizzy hair, for smooth, disciplined and shiny waves and curls.
The included diffuser emphasises the natural shape of curls: it directs the airflow in a smooth and orderly manner for gentle, even drying.
The result is curls that are finally soft, disciplined and shiny.
In addition, the new state-of-the-art EcoPower motor enables high performance while maintaining low energy consumption.

The integrated Anti-Frizz Action ionising device performs two actions:

1 Releases clusters of ions that correct the hair's electrostatic charge
2 Reduces drying time without damaging the hair.

Technical specifications:

•With Anti-Frizz Action ionisation device
•New EcoPower motor: low energy consumption
•High performance
•Innovative 1600/1800 watt anti-frizz system
•3 air output modes
•Cold air jet
•Diffuser included
•Size: 14 x 22 x 9 cm
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maria ceu borges

Correspondeu às minhas expectativas.
Excelente equipamento.